Terms and Use

Terms and Use

The netstepusa.com website (hereinafter the website) welcomes its users (hereinafter: the users, the customers, you). Browsing the website and using it, including making a transaction, constitutes agreement to the terms of use below. Therefore, you are asked to read the terms of use carefully.

1. General

1.1 The site is used as an online store for ordering and purchasing customized insoles and related and/or other products (hereinafter referred to as the products) by the browsing public in Israel via the Internet.

1.2 The provisions of these regulations shall apply to any use made by a user and/or action on the website (hereinafter the customer and/or user) and to any order made by the customer through the website.

1.3 The regulations are worded in the masculine language for reasons of convenience only, but it refers to members of both sexes.

1.4 The regulations are worded in a single language, for reasons of convenience only, but it refers to members of both sexes.

1.5 The customer declares that he has read these regulations and agrees to them, and that he and/or anyone on his behalf will not have any claim and/or claim against the company and/or anyone on its behalf, except for claims related to a violation of an obligation by the company and/or anyone on its behalf according to these regulations. It is emphasized that the very act of performing an action on the website constitutes an absolute, final, and irrevocable notification on the part of the customer that he has read the provisions of these regulations understood and agreed to them and accepted to act according to them.

1.6 If you are under the age of 18, please read these terms carefully and carefully together with your parent or guardian. If you and/or your parents do not agree to the website’s terms of use, all or part of them, then you should not use this website for any purpose whatsoever, and you will not have any claim, claim and/or demand against the company or anyone on its behalf.

1.7 The company reserves the right not to allow access to the website and/or any action on it to anyone who violates the provisions of the regulations and/or makes inappropriate use of the website or any content that appears on it.

1.8 The company reserves the right to update and change the website and its services, including their scope and availability, without the need for prior notice. The customer will not have any claim and/or claim against the site and/or the company for these changes and/or malfunctions that may occur during their execution.

1.9 It is clarified for the avoidance of doubt, that there may be a difference between using the website through a website adapted for tablet and/or mobile phone devices and using the website on stationary and/or computers.

1.10 For further inquiries, you can contact the company’s customer service by phone: (888) 718-3957 during operating hours: Sunday-Thursday from 9:00 to 15:00 EST. or via our contact page.

2. Use of the Website

2.1 The sale of the products on the site is to private customers who purchase the products for personal, home, or family use and is not intended for wholesale sale.

2.2 Do not copy, publicly display or use the contents published on the website for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, other than personal and private use. In this rule, you may not copy, display publicly or use content from the website on other websites, in electronic publications of any kind, in software, applications, and computer applications, on the telephone and cellular communication, on radio, television, in print or in any other media.

2.3 Do not run or allow any computer application or other means that allows copying, in whole or part, of information and content from the website. In this rule, you may not create and do not use the aforementioned means to create a compilation, collection, or database that will contain content from the website. Despite the generality of the instruction below, this prohibition does not apply to the operation of general search engines, which link directly to the site.

2.4 Content from the website may not be presented in any way whatsoever – including through any software, device, accessory, or communication protocol – that changes their design or function or deprives them of any features or information, such as (but not limited to) advertisements, navigation bars, photographs and more.

2.5 There may be content and/or services on the website that are subject, in addition to the terms of use, to terms of use specific to that content/service offered on the website. In each use of said content and/or services, the user agrees and commits to the specific terms of use of that service/content, as updated from time to time.

3. Order on the Website

3.1 All prices, promotions and discounts appearing on the website, to the extent that they appear, are valid for ordering through the website only. For each product offered for sale, an “information sheet” is displayed containing the manufacturer’s trade name, the product offered for sale, the sale price and the product specification. The data provided on the information page includes information required by law and does not necessarily exhaust all the properties and/or composition of the products.

3.2 The website displays a variety of items that are generally in stock, and the company makes every effort to maintain the existing stock.

3.3 Before starting the booking procedure, a password must be entered. Do not give the password to any third party. As part of the ordering process, the customer must provide details such as: first and last name, contact phone number, email address, delivery address, and credit information. When placing an order for custom-made insoles, the customer must submit a footprint, and the customer is also asked to answer a questionnaire that includes questions about the customer’s physical condition in order to adjust the product to the customer. In the relevant cases, the customer must choose types of materials, sizes and colors. As necessary, it will be possible to upload relevant documents to the website. These documents will be used by the company solely for the purpose of placing the order and repeating orders, and they will be kept by the company in accordance with the law (see the privacy policy below). The prices of the products will appear on the website next to the products as well as in the order. For the avoidance of doubt, the customer will be shown the total price he must pay before the actual order is placed.

3.4 When the order is ready, the company will contact the customer to coordinate delivery. The delivery policy, including delivery conditions and prices, can be found under “Delivery Policy“.

3.5 Payment on the site will be made by credit card only. The credit cards respected on the site are: Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. Additional payment methods may be possible in the future.

3.6 When placing an order on the website, the company will check the credit card details, and upon approval of the order by the credit card companies, an appropriate notice will be given that the operation has been approved or rejected. As long as it is approved, the order will be recorded in the company’s computers and a confirmation will be sent to the customer by e-mail about the execution of the order. It is clarified and emphasized that only a confirmation regarding placing an order received in the customer’s e-mail that includes the relevant order details, including the order number, the customer’s details and the order details, will constitute a confirmation of the receipt of the order by the company. As long as no approval has been received from the credit company, and no such approval has been sent, the order action by the customer will have no validity.

3.7 If and when the credit company does not approve the order, the order will be considered void, the company will not bear any responsibility for the cancellation of the order, and the customer will not have any claim and/or claim against the company for the aforementioned order cancellation.

3.8 The customer must provide only real, current and accurate information, including up-to-date and active phone numbers and email addresses.

3.9 Computer records processing the company’s data regarding the actions carried out through the site will be prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions. For the avoidance of doubt, incorrect information provided by the customer regarding name, phone, email, and address may cause delays in production and delivery.

4. Consent to Receive an Advertisement

Upon registering for the website, you will be asked to express consent to receive information, updates, and anything advertising through e-mail or SMS messages. The customer will be entitled to withdraw this consent at any time and notify the company of his refusal to receive advertising material in accordance with the instructions regarding the advertisement sent to him.

5. External Information, Medical Information, and Uploading User Content to the Website

5.1 The website may contain links (“links”) to other websites, Israeli or foreign. The company will not bear any responsibility for the content of those websites and for any information published on them. The presence of the link on the website does not constitute a recommendation to visit it, and a visit to it by the customer will be at his independent discretion. For the avoidance of doubt, the company will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, financial or otherwise, caused to the customer as a result of relying on the content of the information appearing in those links.


5.2 The company hereby clarifies to the customer that all information published on the website about medicine and products is only general information and does not constitute medical advice. The company emphasizes to the customer that it is his duty to consult a suitable professional before ordering products that may affect the customer’s body, health, well-being, or appearance in one way or another. The customer must use the product in accordance with the instructions attached to it.


5.3 Publications of third and external parties offering their services may appear on the website. It will be clarified that the company is not responsible in relation to them, their activity, and the results of their activity or service, and that any contact with them is solely the customer’s responsibility.

6. Delivery and Transportation of Products

6.1 The delivery of the products will be in accordance with the “Shipping Policy” that appears on the website.

6.2 The company will not be responsible for delays beyond its control and/or originating from the customer, including but not limited to delays due to difficulty contacting the customer during the coordination hours. Such a delay will not be considered a breach of the company’s obligation to supply the product.

6.3 If the customer does not respond on the day the order is delivered to the courier company to coordinate delivery of the order and/or is not at the delivery address at the agreed time, his order will be returned to the company, and delivery will be arranged again. It is clarified for the avoidance of doubt that this situation will not entitle the customer to a refund for the shipping fees he paid and that he must bear additional shipping fees for the additional shipment.

6.4 When delivering the product, the company or someone on its behalf may demand the presence of the credit card holder when delivering the products and/or presentation of the credit card holder’s ID as a condition for delivering the products.

7. Canceling an Order

7.1 A transaction can be canceled from the day the transaction is executed and up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the product or from the date of receipt of the document detailing the details of the transaction – whichever is later. In a remote sales transaction conducted with a consumer who is a person with a disability, a senior citizen, or a new immigrant, the consumer may cancel the transaction within four months from the date it was entered into or from the date of receipt of the disclosure document, whichever is later, provided that entering into the transaction included a conversation between the dealer and the consumer, including a conversation through communication electronically.

7.2 The cancellation notice can be delivered via the dedicated link on the website, through the contact page, tel. (888) 718-3957, or by registered mail to the address 10031 Pines Blvd, Ste 232 Pembroke Pines, FL 33024. In the cancellation notice, whether it is by email or in writing, the name and identity number of the customer must be stated as well as the order number.

7.3 When canceling a transaction that is not due to a defect or discrepancy, the consumer’s money will be deposited within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice, with the exception of a cancellation fee of 5%. The consumer will return the product to one of the collection points. Alternatively, you can contact customer service to collect the product on behalf of the customer. In the event that the consumer requests collection as mentioned, a total of USD 10 will be charged for the collection. As far as possible, the product will be returned in its original packaging. The company may claim his damages since the value of the property decreased as a result of a significant deterioration in its condition.

7.4 The right of cancellation is not valid, among other things, regarding lost goods and goods produced especially for the customer. Despite the aforementioned, the company allows canceling a transaction of insoles that are custom-made, especially for the customer, up to three months from the date of the transaction, and his money will be returned, with the exception of payment of handling expenses at a cost of USD 70. In such a case, the customer must deliver the product at one of the collection points or contact customer service to coordinate the collection of the product on behalf of the customer at the cost of USD 10.

7.5 Cancellation due to a defect – If the cancellation of the order was made due to a defect in the product supplied to the customer, due to a discrepancy between the product or the service and the details provided to the customer about the product’s features, due to the non-delivery of the product on time or due to another violation of the order by the company, the customer would act to cancel the order as soon as possible in one of the ways listed above. The customer’s money will be deposited within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice. The product will be returned to the business at the expense of the member

8. Confidentiality and Privacy

8.1 The data that the customer provides during registration, when contacting customer service, or when performing a transaction will be stored in the company’s database (for a credit card, the last four digits will be stored). It is hereby clarified to the customer that he is not required by law to provide the information, but if he chooses not to provide it, he may not be able to use the site’s services.

8.2 The customer declares and agrees that the delivery of his personal details is done at his will and with his consent and filling in the details indicates his consent to their delivery.

8.3 When using the website, information may accumulate about the customer’s buying practices and habits, products and services he purchased or requested to return, information about advertisements he expressed interest in, pages or departments he viewed, offers and services he was interested in, payment methods he used, and more. The company will keep the information in its databases (for a credit card, the last four digits will be kept). The use of this data and the data provided during the registration process for the various services on the site will only be done according to what is stated in this document or the provisions of any law.

8.4 The company may use the above data for anonymous statistical analysis and segmentation, as well as produce for each user the relevant content adjustment.

8.5 The company will not transfer to third parties that are not affiliated companies or entities acting on its behalf his personal details and the information collected about the customer on the website (to the extent that these details and information personally identify him), except if the customer has violated the terms of use of the website or has performed through the website, or in connection with it, actions deemed to be against the law, or an attempt to commit such actions; in accordance with the provisions of a judicial order instructing the company to provide information about the customer to a third party, even though it is not the court; in the event of a dispute, claim, claim, demand or legal proceedings, as they arise, between the customer and the company or anyone on its behalf; in any case where, in the opinion of the company, the delivery of the information is necessary to prevent serious damage to the customer’s body or property.

8.6 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the company shall be entitled to provide the customer’s details to the credit company to confirm the execution of the aforementioned order transaction.

8.7 Additional details about the privacy policy can be found in the privacy policy below.

9. Intellectual Property

All the data, designs and information found on the website, with the exception of information found in links to other websites that the website refers to and/or can refer to (hereinafter: website content), are the exclusive property of the company or of a third party that has allowed the company to use them, and the information and/or services should not be considered To the extent provided by it on the website as granting any license or any rights in the content of the website and/or in the intellectual property rights of the company or of third parties, as the case may be. “Intellectual property rights” in these terms of use, refers to rights of any kind in the content of the website, in the idea underlying the website, including copyrights, computer code, user interfaces, trademarks, designs, models, trade names and business names, knowledge and information, methods, programs , technology, technical information, business information, trade secrets, as well as any equivalent and/or derived right from any of the above, whether registered or not, in Israel and around the world. The intellectual property rights are the unique and exclusive property of the company. You may not copy or publish the contents of the website in whole or in part and/or make any use of them or the information contained therein, including commercial use, without the explicit prior written consent of the company. Also, you may not make changes to the website, copy, distribute, broadcast, publicly display, reproduce, publish or hand over to a third party any part of the website’s content without obtaining the company’s prior written consent. An advertisement displayed on the website on behalf of a party other than the company is the property of the advertiser and is his sole responsibility, and it must not be used in a way that infringes on the rights of the advertiser.

10. Limitation of Liability

10.1 The information presented on the website appears as it is (AS IS). Although the company’s intention is that the content that appears on the website will be correct, accurate, and up-to-date, there may be cases where the content is incomplete and/or technical and other errors have occurred in connection with the content, and the company is not responsible for errors and/or inaccuracies in connection with the content displayed on the website. For the avoidance of doubt, information, advice or details of various professionals, to the extent that they appear on the website, are the sole responsibility of the publisher of the information or the aforementioned service provider, and the customer shall not have any claim and/or claim against the company.

10.2 The use of the website and the services offered therein is at the customer’s discretion and responsibility only, and he will not have any claim, claim or demand against the company or anyone on its behalf regarding the features of the use or service, its capabilities, and limitations and its suitability to his needs.

10.3 The company will do as much as it can to ensure the integrity of the site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the company does not guarantee that the website services will be provided in order or without interruptions, will exist safely and/or without interruptions, and will be immune from unauthorized access to the company’s computers and/or software or from damages, breakdowns, malfunctions or failures, including in hardware, software, in communication lines and systems, with the company or with one of its suppliers or with the user, and the user will not have any claim against the company and/or anyone on its behalf in connection with this. Also, the service may not be available in the future due to maintenance, upgrading, or other reasons.

10.4 The website may, from time to time, contain links to external websites that are not related or belong to the company (hereinafter: external websites). The company is not responsible for the correctness and/or the content of the external websites and/or the use of the external websites and does not and will not have responsibility, control, or the possibility of supervision over the contents found on the external websites, and/or the terms of use and/or the privacy policy of the external websites and is not in the presence. The links on the website are a recommendation of the company to visit them. The visit to the other sites is at the discretion of the user and at his sole responsibility.

10.5 The company will do as much as it can to ensure that all the links, however they may be, found on the website will be correct and will lead to an active website. Notwithstanding the above, the company is not responsible for an inactive or improper link or one that is not as secure as required. The company may at any time delete from the website links that were included in the past or refrain from adding new links – all at its sole discretion. The mere existence of a link to a certain external website within the website does not constitute a confirmation that the information on this external website is complete, reliable, current, or reliable.

10.6 The company shall be entitled at any time to disable the website and/or change from time to time its structure, appearance, mode of operation and availability of the services and products offered therein, without the need to notify the users thereof. Use of the site after any change or update to the terms of use of the site constitutes the user’s agreement to the updated terms. In any case, the users will not have any claim or demand against the company in connection with the availability of the site, the content of the site, and the making of changes or updates as mentioned in this section.

10.7 The use of the website is subject to all relevant local, state, and international laws and regulations, and the users undertake to act in accordance with all laws in connection with the use of the website and its services and to make only legal, reasonable and fair use of the website.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1 The company may assign and/or transfer and/or transfer its rights according to these terms of use, or part of them, to any corporation or third party body at its sole discretion and without the need to notify in advance.

11.2 The terms of use will be interpreted according to the laws of the State of Israel, and these laws will apply to them and prevail over a choice of law rules referring to the applicability of foreign law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any matter related to these terms of use and the use of the website is in the competent courts in the State of Florida area.

11.3 If a provision of these Terms of Use is found to be illegal, void, or unenforceable for any reason, this provision will be deleted, and its deletion will not affect the legality and validity of the remaining Terms of Use.